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Endangered and Extinct Birds

My muse has always been nature. For me it is the embodiment of both power and fragility. At the core, my art has always explored nature and humanity’s relationship to it. This has led me to my current project exploring endangered birds and more recently birds who have become extinct in my lifetime.

The impetus for this project came from listening to an NPR “The World” story called “In Punjab, Crowding Onto The Cancer Train”, by Daniel Zwerdling, May, 2009. The story centers around the Indian farm town of Bathinda. In post- Green Revolution there has been a large increase of villagers getting cancer. The first sign of trouble was in the 1980s and ‘90s, when Peacocks were disappearing from the fields. The excessive use of pesticides was killing the Peacocks and causing cancer in the population. This story started my project of researching endangered birds. I wanted to highlight how were are connected and how the loss of these species is not only a loss of a beautiful creature, but also has further implications.

I am drawing the endangered birds on paper made from junk-mail. When I began the extinct series I decided to fragment the images by presenting them as mosaics drawn on reclaimed wood rectangles. Both surfaces reflect one of the main causes of endangerment and extinction: loss of habitat and consumerism.

Dusky Seaside Sparrow

Billed Curlew

Reed Warbler

New Zeland Bush Wren

Mount Lofty Spotted Quail

Todos Santos  Rufous-crowned Sparrow

Atitlian Grebe

Alaotra Grebe

Moroccan Bustard

Brush Warbler

Scaly Thrasher

Bishops 'O'o




Endangered Nests

Endangered San Diego Eggs

Endangered Hawaiian Eggs

Clapper Rail



Northern Bobwhite

Whooping Crane

Crested Caracara

Black Rail Northern Bobwhite Spectacled Eider
Brindled Tern Bechman Wearbler Aniani'au
Eskimo Curlew Lyason Duck Ivory Billed Woodpecker
Pintail Bob White Cranes